“Be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi

Serendip boutique is a social enterprise which aims to provide fair wages and sell their products at a fair price. Serendip believes in fusing its exquisite jewellery with ethical fashion, social causes and traditional culture. Each piece is sustainably crafted by women from marginalized communities. It is later delicately packaged by our Serendip team. The proceeds from sales go towards our ‘Be the Change’ initiative which funds education centres in 25 villages, empowering 1500 children in rural Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, it also funds livelihood training programs, as well as income generation schemes. Our goal is to empower and ultimately transform the lives of women and children in these vulnerable communities, and to be the change we want to see. Every time you make a purchase from us, you transform a life, you become a part of ‘Be the Change’ initiative.


Every piece of jewellery is intricately designed and proudly handcrafted with love by the Serendip Boutique Team. Proceeds from the sale of this product goes towards funding education centres in 25 village Empowering 1500 children in rural Chidambaram, T.N. The village tuition center teachers are graduates who are from the same village. They devote their evenings to teaching children and they earn from it. This helps them with funding their postgraduate degree. Apart from the tuition center, we conducted training and set up a children's parliament (we conduct a proper election in schools and set up children parliament in schools that’s similar to our Indian parliament) in every village, an effort by us to make students to socially conscious and to become leaders, representing their village needs to relevant government authorities and organizing cleaning drives, health awareness exhibitions. Apart from this10,000 free school shoes and 25,000 free school notebooks were distributed.


Vulnerable women are trained in income generating activities. This includes tailoring, handicraft making and jewelry making. As we sell more our dream is to employ more and more rural & refugee women giving them livelihood and thereby impacting their families and alleviating them from poverty. We strive to maintain a relationship of togetherness and mutual support in the history of war and destruction. Some real-life examples: Sumathi and Nagalakshmi both came to India as refugees in 1990, fleeing the devastating Sri Lankan civil war. They have since lived in the Sri Lankan Refugee camp in Tamil Nadu , and have had to overcome many struggles in their life. Today they are empowered women trainers, who are working full time at the Serendip Boutique Social Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. They create prototypes of the products serendip sells and also train other groups of marginalized women who work with Serendip Boutique. Their training is very valuable to us and it also gives employment to numerous women in the rural villages.


By purchasing this product you are taking us one step closer to transforming the lives of underprivileged women and children! The women no longer have to depend on their husband for their livelihood. They get a new sense of freedom and empowerment through this. They are then able to nourish and feed their children and protect themselves. This education for their children enables the children to find good jobs in the future and this will further push them out of the poverty sphere.

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